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Everything For Your Party
70-09 45th Avenue, Woodside, NY

This is the second place that I've found that sells "ballons." It's nice to know that if I ever need some I can shop for the better price between the two competitors. And could they get any more enthusiastic about helium tank rentals? Three exclamation points?!!!

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Angelo's Grocery
68-41 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, NY

Get out your tissus, er, tissues, folks. It's yet another sad attempt at spelling.

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B.M. Grocery
40 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Could I have a cwambewwy samwich, pwease?

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Valentino Food Market
66-64 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, NY

I prefer to peedle my own carrots, thank you.

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289 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

They "acept" food stamps, but do they accept them? That's the test of truth.

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Cafe Capri Coffee Shop
427 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Granted, you have to express yourself. However, it's not expresso, but espresso.

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C-Town Supermarket
60-40 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, NY

What rhymes with "oraneg?" The same thing that rhymes with "orange" - nothing! This sign should have read "Tropicana Premium orange juice."

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Allen Supply
1717 Troutman Street, Ridgewood, NY

I realize that what we in the U.S. refer to as "aluminum" Britons call "aluminium." But what's "alumium?" Oh, and for all I know the Oriental characters are wrong, too.

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